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We are a Woman's Business Coaching Agency helping Women Authors, Executives, and Entrepreneurs
Create Online Learning Products to Profit, While Pursuing Life Purpose.


You have a responsibility to fulfill your Life Purpose during your lifetime. The time is now, and our team is HERE to give you the leadership and business support you need in this journey. Let's build. Your legacy  awaits. 


"My experience with Nikita Lawrence is unquestionably the most rewarding journey I’ve ever been on in my entire life. The timeliness, the quality of information, the uncharted wisdom, and the value of the service is priceless. There were obstacles and hurdles that I had been living with for over 40-years. When I wholeheartedly committed to investing in myself and doing the work of releasing the old and embracing what is true, relevant and purposeful, my life has forever changed.


Nikita would often tell me, how proud she was of me doing the work and learning love my new-normal, moving forward with destiny and purpose in mind. She is always encouraging and sharp as iron. Because of her precise, straight-forward, and intuitive coaching style, my life has taken a major turn in the right direction. I’m now a business woman, who’s healthy, balanced, successful and well on my way to seeing my dreams come to pass. 
I thank God for the divine intervention He brought into my life through The Wealth Success Chamber and Nikita Lawrence. This is a legacy unlocking business and I’m forever grateful for the strategies, coaching, mentoring and timing of this process."


Cathy Nickelson

CEO, CG-Vets 


Meet Nikita







Greetings to you wherever you are in the world today. Let this visit to our home page be your reminder that Life gets better from here for you. I'm Nikita Lawrence, Women's Coaching and Development Expert and Strategist.

As the owner of Wealth Success Chamber Enterprises LLC and Founder of Wealth Leadership Academy, our priority and 100% commitment is to fully supporting women executives and entrepreneurs to get clarity, elevate their mindset, and achieve unprecedented success in their purpose and business career. 

My Back Story

In 2006 I made a commitment to myself and to God that I would fully explore my own gifts, talents, and skills to fulfill my Life's Purpose by becoming everything I was born to be. I set out on a mission to understand my own Identity, Purpose, and create a new set of rules to success, wealth, and joy in my own life and work. After much success, many promotions and many long hours in my career as a HR Leadership Professional, I realized something was missing. I had achieve professional success but personally was OVERWORKED-BURNOUT-OVERWHELMED, and OVER-IT. I made a decision that day in 2015 that I would pursue PURPOSE, FREEDOM and PEACE for myself and my family. 

Today, as a wife, working mom, Internationally Certified Executive Coach, Best-Selling Author and Keynote Speaker for Women, my mission is now to show women all around the world how to get unstuck, discover Identity, find Purpose, and create their own new rules to success, wealth, joy and harmony in their lives personally and professionally. You my friend, may become one of them :)

Mentor Reflection Moment

You're seeking Clarity, Growth and Purpose now, not later...

"As I think about what initiated the major transformation in my own life personally and professionally, I think it happened the day I made the commitment to love myself fully, and the decision to move forward with the ideas and vision I had in my thoughts despite the fear I felt. 


The same can be true for you.  Just like you, my goal in life was not only to serve others with the best of who I was and would become, but to create the best quality of life, love, relationships, and existence I possibly could.


I wanted wealth, freedom, purpose, and a life I had never been exposed to first hand, but knew was available. I began reading, writing, dreaming, imagining, and creating in my mind a new set of beliefs about who I was, what I wanted, and what steps I would take to go after it all...The next step for me was to set an intention and take action...take risks...learn from mistakes...and consistently make the commitment to become better and better, day by day.

The same can be true for you too, starting today." Best, Nikita


What is Wealth Leadership Academy? 

 Wealth Leadership Academy™️ is a transformation-focused  virtual academy for high achieving women leaders going through a transition in their life and work, who have a desire to do more purpose-filled work while elevating their overall quality of life. The programs offered are structured and designed to best support purpose-driven leaders who are READY NOW to get Clarity, strategy and solutions to powerfully progress forward, beyond their past success or failure to become the best version of themselves in life and business. We help our students all around the world grow their mindset, elevate their leadership, and enhance their quality of life. 

If you want to learn HOW to get from where you are today to where you want to be without experiencing more frustration, losing more time, and feeling more burnout, Wealth Leadership Academy™️ may be the right solution for you.


Business Coaching Membership Programs

Career Coaching Membership Programs 

Life Purpose Membership Programs 

Executive Coaching Programs

At Wealth Leadership Academy, our team is fully dedicated to the wealth, harmony and success of women in business all around the world. Schedule a Free strategy session to learn more about how you can gain clarity and find purpose in the next 30 days.  Will you become our next success story? 


The Secret of the Wealth Success Chamber

Unlock your gateway to destiny, wealth, and success in just ten days by systematically creating the blueprint and strategy to uncover the identity, purpose, and vision for your life. Want to discover your purpose and transform yourself? Learn a new way of thinking about success with Nikita Lawrence’s inspiring new text, The Secret of the Wealth Success Chamber. In this guide, Lawrence shatters myths about searching for success and teaches you everything you need to know to achieve wealth, vision, and value. Using Lawrence’s journaling prompts, you’ll learn to be self-reflective about your journey and your potential. God has a powerful, unique plan for you; as you work through past mistakes and past hurts, you’ll be one step closer to living the life you want. Take ownership of your accomplishments, break the cycles of poverty and complacency—and get ready to soar!


"The Secret of the Wealth Success Chamber was an amazing book. It was right on time for the journey I was entering into. I loved when the book talked about our purpose and understanding who we are as individuals in pertaining to our identities. Second, I was able to relate to the understanding of encouraging myself and allowing myself to learn from my experiences. I had a hard time focusing on wanting to change what I already did instead of embracing the mistakes I had already made. Third, I was also able to relate to fear. Fear was something I battled with while in the process of finishing my book. I feared running out of things to say and my readers understanding on what my book is about. Once I read this book, I understood that fear paralyzed my growth process and my ability to write my book. Lastly, I liked the ending of the book when it discussed the importance of understanding our weaknesses and strengths. I agree with allowing our strengths to guide us to our success and our weaknesses to teach us on what to do differently. The only thing is I wish I had more time to do the journaling part. I realized this book was a guide and steps to take towards our success. It was also a great way to reflect on our journey to success."

— Syreeta Brown

The Winning Blueprint Journal & Strategy Book

This highly anticipated journal and strategy book is a tool designed to support high-achieving working moms, women in business, leaders in business, aspiring entrepreneurs, and anyone that has a dream and goal to create a better life, career and business than what they have today. If you have a desire to elevate beyond yesterday's success, discover identity, and moving forward to WIN your days, weeks, months, and years, this journal will be your aid and support in that desire becoming a reality. Filled with 100 mentor quotes and specific writing prompts from trusted Life and Executive Coach, Nikita Lawrence, leaders are sure to create accelerated results in their life, career and business.


"This is an awesome resource. If you are a planner, strategist, or just want to organize your thoughts, you need to get this!"

— Dr. Ruby Powell

Educational Leadership Consultant

Founder, Oasis Empowerment Zone NFP

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Do You want to create a life you love, spending more time with the people you love, while fulfilling your calling in a career or business you love?

Are you ready to go after your Big Dream, Build Big Things, and Create a life of significant meaning? 

Have you finally decided that everyone and everything else no longer are the priority, because NOW IT'S YOUR TIME? 

GET THE CLARITY You need via your complimentary 1:1 Strategy Session

What is a Strategy Session?


In this free 30-minute phone consultation, valued at $1,500 you'll get: CLARITY

  • A detailed Assessment of where you are and want to be in the next 60-90 days in your life and business  

  • A proven Strategy to identify the mindset roadblocks in the way of your progress   

  • A Recommendation to help you get clear and progress forward in the next 30 days


Learn How to Powerfully Step into Everything that belongs to you in Life, Career and Business!


Wealth Success Chamber Enterprises, LLC emerged as a fast growing women's coaching and development agency in 2017, and has since impacted thousands of women leaders all around the world; founded by Nikita Lawrence, Chief Executive Officer. 

Wealth Success Chamber Enterprises LLC specializes in providing consulting, training, and coaching to support women executives and entrepreneurs at the highest level; helping them clarify their gifts and expertise, grow in their business leadership skills, and pursue their life's purpose. 

The company's global vision is to provide systems and solutions that level the playing field and narrow the Wage and Wealth Gap for black women, families, and  underserved communities all around the world.

Wealth Success Chamber Enterprises LLC donates annually to organizations providing economic empowerment, financial literacy, and food relief to disadvantaged and underserved communities.   

Learn how we can support you directly by applying for a Complimentary Strategy Session below. Our team looks forward to supporting you soon.





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