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Intro to Nikita Lawrence

Hello there from wherever you are all around the world. Welcome to my blog, which at this time has not yet been named. (Sighs real big) Even though I haven't given my blog a name yet, I've made a decision to start a new blog (as of about 10 minutes ago, on March 3, 2021).

In this blog, my hope is that it becomes a source of inspiration, encouragement, and empowerment for you to powerfully pursue your gifts, purpose, and ideas that you hope one day would change the world. I had another blog a few years ago on my old site, called She Wears Crowns and just didn't keep up with it...(notice I used the word 'and' not 'but'. This is mainly because typically the word 'but' is used to refute or give some type of larger emphasis on a fact that would somehow suggest a minimalization of the aforementioned fact, but I am not one to think or speak or write like that. I like to look at the bright side, the accomplishments; like for example, even if Jesus' disciple Peter sank after he walked on water, he STILL walked on water and survived it which is a superhuman accomplishment. Alright, enough of my detour, back to the introduction blog...)

By now, you're likely learning I am a human that aspires to experience progress, not perfection. If perfection were the goal, even this blog post wouldn't be released at this time. (I hope that encourages you, even just a little to pursue progress, even if you don't finish the way you thought you would...) But, this is me. Welcome to my world. I am a blessed wife, mom, woman of Faith, entrepreneur and certified warm hugger... I remember when my great grandmother, whom we affectionately called MA' DEA, told me I'd be really blessed, and I didn't really know how, or what that really meant. At a young age I would thoroughly enjoy sitting with my grandparents and MA' DEA, listening to stories about their lives, our family, and learning how they really came to become the leaders we all loved and cherished. I have always enjoyed meaningful discussions with our elders who have such rich experiences and determination, and have often been told I have an 'old soul', though I am a millennial.

I am an ENFJ (Enneagram 8) who loves love, gifts, people (mostly), experiences, journals, cards, cooking, bowling, baking (most of the time), writing, singing, music, smoothies, asking powerful questions, delivering high impact training, seeing/helping people crush their fears/goals, creating new things (very regularly), and meeting new people . I'm an alumni of a HBCU (Historically Black College & University), Alabama A&M University and worked in corporate for 11 years in the industries of retail and hospitality, spending the majority of my career in senior human resources management roles. Every day, I make a personal commitment to myself and to God that I'll BECOME everything I was created to be. I've learned to move beyond my less than perfect moments to accept that even my mistakes, missteps, and failures have produced a glory that God uses to release a goodness that reaches far beyond my biggest imagination. I've learned this process of becoming is truly a life-long journey, and to embrace the process. I really consider it an honor to experience the journey of BECOMING while also helping others do the same. I live out my purpose in life by helping amazing women and men leaders discover their identity, clarify their ideas, bring them to fruition, and pursue their own life's purpose. It's a bonus that I get to do this work in my coaching and consulting business.

In my blog, you can expect to hear stories about my mommy/daughter moments with my little princess, funny things I experience, good food for thought, powerful question prompts for your own self-reflection, and more. Subscribe to stay up to date! Bye for now.

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